• Batsto Village

    Batsto Village is a New Jersey Historic site and is listed on the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places. There are more than forty sites and structures, including the Batsto mansion, a sawmill, a 19th-century ore boat, a charcoal kiln, ice and milk houses, a carriage house and stable, a blacksmith and wheelwright shop, a gristmill and a general store. The Post Office is still in operation, and collectors have stamps hand-cancelled, with no zip code.
  • The Digital Restoration Process

    I always start with the image quality, repairing defects and eliminating noise. If I can't get a decent image at this stage I discard the image, and I do discard a lot of images.

    If I can get a good image it's now time to look at cropping it. Sometimes one good image can be a great one by cropping out extranious elements. Restoring faded colors if there are any, adding them if there weren't, or changing the color photograph to black and white are all options to be considered from the aesthetic standpoint.

    The whole process of restoration, resizing and aesthetics can take from several hours to several days. It all depends on the quality and detail of the image I'm beginning with.